Winter Blues


Winter Blues

Re-Timer is a wearable light therapy device for Winter Blues.

Winter Blues is a low-mood experienced primarily during the winter months. Symptoms can include loss of energy, weight gain and difficulty concentrating.

Researchers from Flinders University state that Winter Blues is the result of a mis-timed circadian rhythm. Their research shows that bright light visual stimulation (light which enters the eyes), can change timing of the sleep-wake rhythm. Bright light therapy has been used to treat the range of conditions caused by a mis-timed body clock including winter blues.

Re-Timer is lightweight and portable, providing you the benefits of bright light with minimal interruption to your life.

How to use Re-Timer?

Simply wear Re-Timer for 30 minutes per day in the morning to help alleviate symptoms of winter blues such as low energy.

Re-Timer also helps to keep your circadian rhythm in check so that you can sleep and wake at the right times for your lifestyle.

When wearing Re-Timer your eyes must be open, to ensure that you receive the benefits of light therapy.

Science of Re-Timer

Re-Timer is the only portable light therapy device which emits a patented green light proven to be superior for treating winter blues.

A significant body of research has compared the efficacy of different wavelengths to treat winter blues. Green light provides a treatment effect superior to that of red light and similar to that seen in previous studies with white light. (Oren, Brainard et al. 1991)

Furthermore, our eyes have a lens that becomes cloudy and yellows as we age. This clouding restricts blue light entering the eye. Since most white light devices rely on blue wavelengths to reduce winter blues symptoms, green light is considered to be a superior treatment option in older populations.

Benefits of Re-Timer

Light devices vary in terms of the colour of light emitted, treatment duration, design, size and price.

Typically, light boxes emit a white or blue light at a high brightness level – up to 10,000 lux.

To receive treatment from light boxes you are required to sit in front of the device for up to 60 minutes.

Not all light devices are equal; ensure you do your own research about light therapy devices, to confirm it is the most safe and effective approach for your situation.

A summary of Re-Timer benefits are included to help you compare against other products:

  • Remain active whilst receiving daily bright light.
  • Light weight
  • Travel case included
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB charging cable
Tested for Eye Safety
  • Meets international standard CEI IEC 62471
Superior Green Light
  • University studies have shown green light to be the most effective wavelength in moving your sleep rhythm (Lack &Wright, 2001) and superior to red and white in the treatment of winter blues (Oren, Brainard et al. 1991)
Optimal Light Delivery
  • Re-timer delivers light from just below your centre-point of vision, allowing all of the light to reach your eyes to ensure maximum benefit of using Re-Timer is achieved.
Glare Free
  • For wearers who have reading or other glasses, Re-Timer comfortably sits with glasses allowing an uninterrupted light session.
  • Higher lux doesn’t equal better treatment
  • Re-Timer emits 506 Lux on the high setting, this is sufficient given the proximity of light to the wearers eye and the optimal angle in which the light is being delivered.
  • 30 minutes is sufficient for a wearer to start feeling the benefits of Re-Timer.


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Oct 22, 2014 by Peter Moore
City: New York 

Very light. Had a Philips Go Lite for years then needed something portable. This does the trick nicely. Thank you!

Perfect for SAD

Jul 25, 2014 by Ben Hammond
City: London 

Re-Timer has done a great job at improving my mood during winter. I purchased this new product about six months ago when it first arrived on market. I suffer winter blues or SAD for most of the year, not just winter. So I use it alot. And it's great. It's tested for eye safety (unlike most devices on the market). I found this out when I would ask different companies about their testing and Re-Timer was the only one who could verify it was safe and tested. They provide a 30 day return policy which is good for piece of mind

Jan 31, 2014 by Catherine Porte
City: Toronto 

I used it for 1 week. And I must admit, this week when I'm not using it, I seem to be a whole lot more tired in the afternoon and not sleeping so well.

Re-Timer , USA 4.3 5.0 3 3 Very light. Had a Philips Go Lite for years then needed something portable. This does the trick nicely. Thank you!

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If not satisfied, simply return your Re-Timer within 60 days for a refund (less postage & handling).