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Some key points you might like to include in your story:

  • Launched on the market in November 2012 and has been sold in over 40 countries worldwide
  • University developed based on 25 years research by world-renowned sleep psychologist Prof. Leon Lack and Dr Helen Wright
  • Independently tested for eye safety to international standards and 100% UV-free light
  • The light adjusts the sleep cycle
  • Used to help people change when they sleep and wake, for jet lag, shift work and to overcome a lack of natural light during long winter months
  • Calculators on the website can be used to work out the best time to wear i.e. enter your destination and travel date into the jet lag calculator for a customised schedule
  • Free Re-Timer Sleep App for Fitbit provides a customised schedule based on actual sleep tracked
  • Free eBook ‘How to Sleep Better’ available for anyone to download
  • Recommended by sleep physicians, used by business travellers and Olympians

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